6 easy ways to secure and tighten your lace wig:


1). You can use Got2b Glued (most recommended) and put very little around your hairline. Use a blow dryer or set your hair with a scarf to allow it to dry.  Since it's gel instead of glue you can remove it anytime easily by using water.

2.) You can use the adjustable straps  in the back of the wig to tighten the wig. You can even hook the two straps together or tie the straps together for a tighter hold.

3) You can sew an elastic band in the back of your wig.

4) You can buy this product on Amazon called wiggrip. It keeps the wig from sliding. 

5) You can use any lace wig adhesive.

6) You can also sew in your lace wig.

Easy tricks to hiding the tracks on your lace wig:

-You can use black eye shadow,  black or dark brown nontoxic marker or a dark black or brown eyeliner to color in the areas on the wig cap where the tracks are showing.

-You can also use a black wig cap if you are trying to hide tracks however your scalp may not look as natural. 

How to make your lace wig look natural: 

-Always use flesh tone wig cap for a natural scalp appearance. 

-A safe and easy way to tint the lace to blend with your skin tone is to use any concealer, powder or foundation that's the same color as your scalp/skin.

-lace can be tinted with black tea   however it will make the hair dry. 

-Lace can be bleached, however it can dry out and damage the unit. Proceed with caution. 

-Use a head scarf to tie down lace wig for about 5 minutes to help the wig blend with your skin. 


How to care for my lace wig:

1) Air dry lace frontal after washing and conditioning.

2) Perform a co-wash at least once every 2-3 weeks.

3) Use a moisturizing leave in conditioner.

4) Use a gentle keratin based shampoo and conditioner.

5) Use alcohol free serums or products on hair.

6) To prevent tangling do not sleep in lace front wig.

7) Comb hair with wide tooth comb or brush when wet or tangled.

8) When not in use, place lace front wig flat in a box to store.

9) Use a heat protectant spray as needed when styling with heat.


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