What is Hair Culture?

Do Black people have hair culture? For me hair culture consist of commonalities we all encounter with our hair. Some of the unpleasant experiences many black people encounter with their hair is Alopecia, perm burns, tight bumps, pressing comb burns, no edges, thin edges etc. I have encountered many of these issues that have been bothersome and embarrassing which influenced me to wear lace wigs while protecting my natural hair.

But there are some positives to black hair. Our hair is the one thing that makes us unique and different from other ethnicities. Our hair culture consist of a variety of other positive attributes such as hair texture, diversity and creativity within hair styles such as bantu knots, corn rolls, braids, twist outs, hair weaves and wigs. Then there is also hair care remedy's, hair care treatments, hair products and tools that only apply to 4c hair. Many of us have a bitter sweet relationship with our hair but it's important to remember that our hair makes us who we are as Black people. It's apart of our culture. It's hair culture.

We have to embrace our hair culture and appreciate our hair just the way it is for the good and the bad. I love having the option to wear braids one day and straight hair the next day without damaging my natural hair when wearing my lace wig. It's hair culture! It's Black culture! No matter what type of hair you have growing from your scalp always remember all hair is beautiful and so are you!

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