Our mission at AshWill Lace Wigs is to provide the highest quality wigs at the most affordable prices and leave a lasting impression on our customers.  AshWill Lace Wigs is an American owned company created from one persons vision to empower individuals and give them the freedom of self expression through style and grace. 

The Lady Behind AshWill


My Story

Some of you may know that having kinky 4c hair can be very frustrating when trying to style it at the last minute. Like many black women, I developed a love hate relationship with my hair. It would grow to shoulder length, then break off and it would be a continuous cycle that became an emotional roller coaster for me. So I buried myself in braid extensions and hair weaves for nearly a decade which became costly and ultimately damaged my hair. I was to the point where I cut all my hair off due to the breakage and I picked up a wig. This is where my journey and love for lace wigs began.


I fell in love with lace wigs because of the versatility it gave me. I was able to switch from twist, to curls, to blonde to short red hair in a matter of minutes. My hairstyle options were endless with the lace wigs. Due to the natural appearance of my lace wigs many people assumed it was a weave installment. I felt a sense of freedom and joy knowing that I could change my looks in minutes and I was able to use my favorite natural hair products to hydrate and nourish my natural hair. My hope is that you will experience the joy,confidence, freedom and versatility that I experience from wearing AshWill Lace Wigs. 


  Location:  Riverside, California 

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